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ASCO Valve Catalogs & Literature
ASCO White Papers & Articles
  Understanding The New Lead-free Water System Regulations And Choosing Valves To Comply (March 2017)
  Secret Ingredients for Great Wine Coolers: Selecting Valves to Improve Process Cooling in Winemaking and Other Industries (July 2015)
  New Zoned Safety Approach Reduces Complexity for Functional Safety of Machinery (June 2016)
  Understanding European Versus U.S. Temperature Code Ratings For Solenoid Operated Valves (April 2015)
  Breakthrough Solenoid Valve Technology for Upstream Oil and Gas Heating Equipment (November 2014)
  Effective Compliance With IEC 61508 When Selecting Solenoid Valves For Safety Systems (July 2014)
  Cold Hard Facts: Five Key Criteria For Selecting Low-temperature Valves ( June 2013)
  Seven Things You Must Know Before Selecting Solenoid Valves For Your Reverse Osmosis System (May 2013)
  Leveraging Quick Shipment In The Fluid Automation Supply Chain, Valve Magazine (Winter 2013)
  When Quick Shipment Is Mission-Critical (June 2012)
  Seven Breakthrough Advantages Of New Steam Valve Technology (March 2012)
  The Insiders’ Guide To Modular Valves (February 2012)
  The Unsung Contributor To Plant Economic Performance (July 2011)
  How Some Supervisory And Leakage Currents Can Affect Today's Low-Power Solenoid Valves (July 2011)
  Going With the Flow (September 2010)
  The Insider's Guide To Applying Miniature Solenoid Valves (September 2010)
  New Low-Power Solenoid Valve Technology Changes The Game (August 2010)
  How New Lead-Free Regulations Will Impact Your Selection of Potable Water Valves (August 2010)
  Valve Configuration Goes Next Generation, Flow Control (May 2009)
  Considering Valve Specification & Installation, Flow Control (May 2008)
  Process Makes Perfect, Product Design & Development (September 2007)
  Not Your Father's Valve, Flow Control (March 2007)
  Solenoid Valve Has What It Takes To Survive Harsh Environments (November 2006)
  Optimizing Power Management In Solenoid Valves (Fall 2006)
  Understanding Applications, Uses Key To Solenoid Valve Selection, Plant Engineering (June 2006)
  Solenoid Pilot Valves For Valve Actuation, Valve Magazine (Winter 2006)
General Literature
Integrated Automation Solutions Brochure
ASCO Product Overview Brochure (V7695)
ASCO Express Catalog (V7375R7)
Functional Safety Solutions (V7666R5)
Installation / Maintenance / Troubleshooting (V6589R2)
Redundant Control Systems Catalog (V7363R11)
  8220 Steam & Hot Water Solenoid Valves
  Din Connectors
  Low Ambient Temperature Solutions Catalog
  NSF 61 and 169 Approved Stainless Steel Subminiature Solenoid Valves
  ASCO Valve Manifold Solutions
Rapid Engineered Solutions Brochure
Solenoid Valves
8290 Series - Angle Body Piston Valves Catalog (V7393R6)
  ATEX NF Series Catalog
Hazardous Location Solutions Catalog (V7715)
Electronically Enhanced Solenoid Valves
ASCO RedHat Next Generation Catalog (V7381R12)
Low Power Valves
Low Power Solutions Catalog (V7704)
Miniature Valves
ASCO Miniature Fluidic Products (V7727)
Navy and Nuclear
Navy / Marine Catalog (V7379R1)
  Nuclear Products Qualified to IEEE Specifications Catalog (V7183R4)
  Nuclear Engineering Report 351R2a
  NT8316 Solenoid Valve Catalog
  NT8320 Solenoid Valve Catalog
Pneumatic & Air Preparation
  Modulair 100 Series - Air Preparation Equipment (V7396R2)
  Pneumatic Proportional Valves Catalog (PNE4000/US)
  Flow Controls Shuttle Valves Quick Exhausts
  Series 189 - 1/8" Solenoid Pilot Valve 3/2
  Series 192 - 1/8" or ¼" Solenoid Pilot Valve 3/2 - Part 1
  Series 192 - 1/8" or ¼" Solenoid Pilot Valve 3/2 - Part 2
  Series 263 - 1/8" Poppet Valve 4/2
  Series 264 - ¼" Poppet Valve 4/2
  Series 284/285 - 3/8" to 1" Poppet Valve 3/2 - Part 1
  Series 284/285 - 3/8" to 1" Poppet Valve 3/2 - Part 2
  Series 302/304 - Modular Electo/Pneumatic Interfaces - Part 1
  Series 302/304 - Modular Electo/Pneumatic Interfaces - Part 2
  Series 309 - Mech. Operated Pilot Valve w/ Inst. Ftgs. 3/2
  Series 310 - 1/8" or 5/32 tube Mech. Operated Pilot Valve 3/2
  Series 520 - 1/8" Mini Spool Valve Subbase System 5/2 or 5/3 - Part 1
  Series 520 - 1/8" Mini Spool Valve Subbase System 5/2 or 5/3 - Part 2
  Series 520 - 1/8" Mini Spool Valve Subbase System 5/2 or 5/3 - Part 3
  Series 551 - ¼" Spool Valve (Solenoid Man. Or Mech.) 4/2 - Part 1
  Series 551 - ¼" Spool Valve (Solenoid Man. Or Mech.) 4/2 - Part 2
  Series 551 - ¼" Spool Valve (Solenoid Man. Or Mech.) 4/2 - Part 3
  Series FT30 - Subbase Mounted Micro Pilot Valve 3/2
  Series TZ50P - Subbase Mounted Mini Spool Valve 4/2 or 4/3 - Part 1
  Series TZ50P - Subbase Mounted Mini Spool Valve 4/2 or 4/3 - Part 2
Proportional Control
  290 Proportional Valve Catalog Page
Sensors & Pressure/Temperature Switches
  Sensors Catalog (V7366R5)
  Pressure/Temperature Switch Catalog (506)
ISO Certificates
  Aiken ISO Certificate
  Florham Park ISO Certificate
  Mexicali ISO Certificate
  Pneumatic Proportional Valve Selection Made Simple - 8/14

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